AE-NT Series

AE-NT Series

AC servo single drive

New Compact, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent NCT

Amada’s Turret Punch Presses have been delivered more than 30,000 units worldwide. Developed on these results, the AENT series is a line of single AC servo drive turret punch press with Amada’s original ‘’Highly Rigid Bridge Frame”

Designed with the smallest foot print of its class and yet capable of processing 4’ X 8’ sheets, the AE-NT series has a large capacity turret to ensure stable, high speed, high quality processing.


Achievement of stable high speed processing

  • Slug Pulling-Less Punching - Less slug pulling achieved stable high speed punching
    • Fine Contouring

      Achievement of High Quality processing

      • High speed deburring – Labor and time consuming deburring is automated and speeded up
        • Slotting – Realized without tool overlap marks that eliminates manual filing work
          • High speed marking – Secondary operations are remarkably being efficient

            Achievement of process integration

            • High speed forming – Parts can be formed to desired shapes and dimensions without using special tools
              • Downward forming – Parts can be formed at high speed without damage and scratches
                • Safety inch bending – Minimal flanges can be automatically bent


                  Press CapacitykN {tonf} 200 {20}
                  Tool Storage45/51/58 Stations
                  Max. Sheet Sizemm1270 x 25001270 x 50001525 x 5000
                  Max Sheet Thicknessmm3.2 mm (Brush Table ) 6.4mm (High density brush table)
                  Punching Accuracymm±0.1mm and ±0.07mm (FA mode)
                  Hit Rate (25.4mm pitch/3mm stroke)hpmX: 400 Y: 290X:390 Y:300X:380 Y:280
                  Max Feed Ratem/minX:80 Y:60

                  Turret Layout

                  Turret 1 Turret 2 Turret 3
                  Layout Pattern58st.(2AI)51st.(4AI)45st.(4AI)
                  Maximum tool diameterE(4-1/2”)D(3-1/2”)E(4-1/2”)
                  Number of A (1/2”) stations362424
                  Number of B (1-1/4”) stations121812
                  Number of C (2”) stations432
                  Number of D (3-1/2”) stations221
                  Number of E (4-1/2”) stations2-2
                  Number of G (1-1/4”) stations232
                  Number of H (2”) stations-12

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