Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Energy saving, v-lot production, wide range fiber laser machine with process range expansion!

Thin to thick materials can be cut at low power

Fiber lasers were claimed to be advantageous in cutting thin materials. The ENSIS has expanded the thickness range of materials to be cut while retaining the characteristics of fiber laser to cut thin material. The conventional wisdom about fiber lasers is overturned by Amada’s original and latest beam control technology installed on the ENSIS.


    ENSIS Technology

    ENSIS technology is based on the “Variable Beam Control” unit capable of fully controlling and modulating the laser beam. ENSIS-AJ not only controls the beam diameter and focal point, but changes the beam mode according to the material and thickness to be machined.

    • Cutting on thin to thick materials using unique optimum beam control
    • Efficiency improvement by energy saving effect
    • Remarkably small footprint by oscillator downsizing and built in the machine
    • AMNC 3i Controller: The latest NC unit AMNC 3i can be operated quickly and intuitively like a smartphone. A large screen provides good visibility and can display many functions and information items.


    Key Evolution Factors

    • Equiped with WACS II system
    • Clean Fast Cut.
    • High Speed: 1-second clean pierce in 1″ plate
    • Industry's first - Infinite mode and diameter control combination
    • Up to 66% reduction in process time when compared to conventional fiber lasers at the same wattage


Machine Specifications

ModelENSIS 3015 AJeENSIS 4020 AJe
Numerical ControlAMNC 4ie
Controlled axesX,Y,Z axes (three axes controlled simultaneously) + B Axis
Axis travel distanceX * Y * Z (mm)3070 x 1550 x 1004070 x 2050 x 100
Maximum processing dimensionX x Y (mm)3070 x 15504070 x 2050
Maximum simultaneous feed rateX/Y (m/min)170
Repeatable Positioning accuracy(mm)+/- 0.1
Maximum material mass(kg)9201570
Processing surface heightmm940
Machine masskg800012200

Oscillator Specifications

ENSIS 3000ENSIS 6000ENSIS 9000
Beam GenerationLaser diode-pumped fibre laser
Maximum Power(W)300060009000
Wave Length(µm)1.08
Wave Length(µm)1.08
Maximum Processing Thickness - Mild Steel(mm)25
Maximum Processing Thickness - Stainless steel152525
Maximum Processing Thickness - Aluminium122525
Maximum Processing Thickness - Brass81518
Maximum Processing Thickness - Copper61212
Maximum Processing Thickness - Titanium51015

Shuttle Specifications

Max Material DimensionsX x Y (mm)3070 x 15504070 x 2050
Number of pallets2

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