Process integrated, technology built-in, compact fiber punch/laser combination machine

Highly efficient process integration achieved with less energy consumption and cost!

The laser cutting area is enclosed by a table cabin and a shutter to provide laser light shielding. The machine can be easily combined with peripheral units and automated to achieve a shorter total lead time.

The combined LC-2515C1AJ combines the high performance of AMADA electric punching with the low energy consumption of the AMADA fiber laser. The turret with 45 stations + 4 threading stations offers exceptional versatility of use and set-up errors are completely eliminated thanks to the "ID-tool" system that allows you to monitor the exact position of the punch and any need of sharpening of the same in a totally automatic way.


Highly productive & energy-saving processing

  • Energy saving by no laser gas in need
    • Reduction of programming time.
    • Reduction of tooling cost.
    • Reduction of tooling setup time.
  • LC-C1 AJ series requires about 67% less power than a 4kW CO2 punch/laser combination machine and about 46% less power than a 2kW CO2 punch/laser combination machine.

    Compatibility of safety and operability

    • Table cabin
      • The processing area is fully enclosed with a table cabin and shutter to shield the laser beam completely. (this solution saves space and ensure the safety of the operator
    • The second origin setting.

      Process integration and stable processing

      • Stable processing by tool setup.
        • Tapping station
        • Die Lift-up station
        • Floating brush table
        • ID tool system

      Other functions for stable processing (option)

      • Work chute
        • Slug suction unit
          • PSA (nitrogen generator)

            Easy Operation – AMNC 3i

            • The AMNC 3i has a large screen with good visibility and can be intuitively operated like a smartphone


              Movement method - During punch processingX-axis / Y-axis material movement
              Movement method - During laser processingX-axis material movement Y-axis light movement
              Processing range - Punch processingX × YP (mm)2000 × 12702550 × 12703050 × 1525
              Processing range - Laser processingX × YL (mm)2000 × 12702550 × 12703050 × 1525 (with replacement)
              Processing range - Composite machiningX × Y (mm)2000 × 12702550 × 12703050 × 1525 (with replacement)
              Rapid traverse speedX / YP / YL / Z (m/min)100/80/80/80
              Machining accuracy (mm)±0.07 (according to our punching pattern)
              Processed plate thickness (punch) (mm)6
              Processed plate thickness (laser) (mm)6
              Maximum work masskg75 (F1)/150 (F4)75 (F1)/150 (F4)75 (F1)/220 (F4)
              Press capacitykN200
              Maximum punch frequency (X axis) (min-1)370 (25.4mm pitch/5mm stroke)
              Maximum punch frequency (Y axis) (min-1)280 (25.4mm pitch/5mm stroke)
              Machine mass (including oscillator)kg175001800020000
              Power receiving capacity (processing machine body + dust collector)kVA15


              Oscillation MethodLaser diode pumped fiber laser
              Rated PowerW3000
              Pulse Peak PowerW3000
              MasskgApproximately 400
              Power receiving capacitykVA10.1
              Compatible chiller receiving capacitykVA9

              TURRET LAYOUT

              mold sizePunch sizeNumber of stations
              A ½ ̎ Φ1.6~12.724(16)
              B1 ¼ ̎Φ 12.8 ~ 31.716(16)
              B’1 ¼ ̎Φ 12.8 ~ 31.73(3)
              C2 ̎Φ 31.8 ~ 50.84(4)
              D3 ½ ̎ Φ 50.9 ~ 88.91(1)
              G1 ¼ ̎Φ 12.8 ~ 31.71(1)

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